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One of our principal activities is to support education efforts for nuclear physicians, physicists, radiopharmacists, radiochemists, technologists and other nuclear medicine scientists from the Arab world. 
In achieving its programmatic goals, the ARSNM will work with its members and national societies and leaders in the fields, as well as with international health and scientific bodies like the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) and the World Federation of Nuclear Medicine and Biology (WFNMB). This will enable us to enhance nuclear medicine education and improve access to the highest quality nuclear medicine and molecular imaging care.
The ARSNM provides Membership Services and a point of contact between the National Societies, associations, leaders in the field and Working Groups. It encourages operational researches and scientific presentations to be published on the Website.


Our Society

Arab Society of nuclear medicine was inaugurated during the meeting of the ARASIA project (strengthening Nuclear Medicine Applications through Education and Training..

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Education. Associations educational and mentorship  programs themselves. Usually they provide training sessions and workshops to..

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Our Vision:
To inspire, encourage, facilitate and promote at all times all forms of nuclear medicine activities in the Arab World.


Our Mission:
To establish a nuclear medicine body across the Arab world and to improve the knowledge and the environment of the staff in the field. To promote nuclear medicine to the public.


Associations educational and mentorship programs themselves. Usually they provide training sessions and workshops to update the qualifications of professionals already at work or to introduce new technologies and areas of practice.

. Associations present thematic conferences for their membership, sometimes held jointly with other professions or with users to discuss advances, issues and problems current in their practice. They may prepare and disseminate brochures and mount exhibits that explain and promote to society at large the role and benefits of archives. Some associations designate a or week or month during which time special events are promoted to draw attention to the value of archival holdings and their usefulness.

. represent the interests and needs of professional in lobbying governments and organizations for adequate support for specific programs. They promote the introduction of required legislation.

Most associations publish a newsletter to update members on issues and communicate the activities of the executive and committees of the association. Often they publish a journal that provides a forum for in-depth and intellectual treatment of aspects of archival work. Meetings are also an important means of enabling communication among members.


To establish co-operation between Nuclear Medicine & Molecular Imaging professionals, groups and societies active in the field of nuclear medicine in the Arab world.

To cooperate and affiliate with the regional and international established nuclear medicine societies in the region and the world.

To organize whatever commissions and meetings are necessary to attain such objectives, in particular convening specialists in Nuclear Medicine.

To facilitate the exchange of scientists between the member groups, societies and associations.



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