A word from the President


Dr Akram Al Ibraheem

Until recently nuclear medicine in our region was not represented by any organizing body. As nuclear medicine physicians we have perceived that this disadvantaged situation undermined our scientific and medical community and resulted in loss of many opportunities whether at national or internationals levels. This, unprivileged condition has triggered our initiative to establish and promote the Arab Society of Nuclear Medicine (ARSNM).
We foresee many opportunities for improvement in nuclear medicine in our region; these opportunities can principally cover all aspects of nuclear medicine profession including education, training, certifying, practicing, communication, awareness and advocacy. This organizational body will definitely help promoting nuclear medicine, bridge the gap between what we can offer and what we are actually doing and will eventually help promote a state of art nuclear medicine whether in terms of services provided or in terms of education for all our members.
Furthermore, this organizational body is expected to create a holistic perspective of nuclear medicine in the region; it will empower individuals to influence the community outside our own institutions allowing more influential participation in the development of our profession. ARSNM will make sure that we, as professionals, are involved actively in making decisions regarding the future of this specialty; Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging.