Associations educational and mentorship  programs themselves. Usually they provide training sessions and workshops to update the qualifications of professionals already at work or to introduce new technologies and areas of practice.

Associations present thematic conferences for their membership, sometimes held jointly with other professions or with users to discuss advances, issues and problems current in their practice. They may prepare and disseminate brochures and mount exhibits that explain and promote to society at large the role and benefits of archives. Some associations designate a or week or month during which time special events are promoted to draw attention to the value of archival holdings and their usefulness.

represent the interests and needs of professional in lobbying governments and organizations for adequate support for specific programs. They promote the introduction of required legislation.

Most associations publish a newsletter to update members on issues and communicate the activities of the executive and committees of the association. Often they publish a journal that provides a forum for in-depth and intellectual treatment of aspects of archival work. Meetings are also an important means of enabling communication among members.

Associations can bring to bear the opinions of a large number of professionals that can be useful in various ways to the administration of different governing bodies.
Associations can contribute to development of profession as they the give individuals influence outside their own institutions permitting their participation in the and ensuring their voice in decisions affecting its future .
Associations can also be of help by offering professional alternatives for their reflection and providing them with professional guidelines on specific problems. They can be asked for advice by government.